Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My friend is 14 and pregnant! I want to know how to help her...?

Ok. She KNOWS it was a mistake. But, she is antiabortion and as she was adopted herself, she doesn't want her child to have to go through that. The father won't even be in the picture-he already moved halfway around the country with his parents- so she is pretty much on er own except for her mom and her friends. (me and two other people) her mom already knows and is ok with her decision. Any suggestions on how to support her?My friend is 14 and pregnant! I want to know how to help her...?
Just be there as her friend.My friend is 14 and pregnant! I want to know how to help her...?
You can just be there for her, without making her feel bad. She has decided to keep the baby so now just look at it like a wonderfull blessing. Treat her with respect and try to make each moment a happy moment so that she can at least enjoy her pregnancy. Its going to be hard on her either way, shes young, but the support from you and her family will help her get through it.
Yes, just be there for her. Don't say anything negative, help out if she needs someone to talk to. Learn from her mistakes and don't do the same thing.
I would suggest just being there for her every step of the way as when friends are there for each other they dont feel so alone and down, I think you are a good friend to her if you are asking how you can help her and I'm sure your young aswell soo I'd suggest just being there for when she needs you try and help her out with a few things but dont make her feel that she can't do things herself just ask ';do you want some help';? Thats all you can really do for her right now

Good luck x
Well I know their are mom's out there that were pregnant at the age of 14, and I am sure they will say ';IT WASN'T EASY';....She is just way too young, and is not even able to care for herself and her needs. Adoption is the best way to go, and as a friend respectfully talk her through going with adoption..She has her teen years to still enjoy, and an education to worry about.

There are several couples out there that can't have babies, and would love to be given the opportunity to be parents.

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