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How old should the child/Teenager be , before the mother/father stops?

1) Telling him/her when to shower?

2) Going through their Wardrobe, to make sure its tidy?

3) Comment on their clothing?

4) Waking them up in the morning?

5)Reminding them to do their homework?How old should the child/Teenager be , before the mother/father stops?
18How old should the child/Teenager be , before the mother/father stops?
1) around 12-13. that when my parents stopped.

2) 11-12. they should be responsible.

3) 15-16. that's usually when they start dressing ';different';

4) when they get into high school.

5) you should always do this.
1) 12

2) I don't see anything wrong with that, unless there's someting in there that shouldn't be

3) Honestly, when the teenager has bought it themselves

4) About 14

5) 14
I'd say when they get to high school because they should be behaving more responsibly by then. Everyone matures at different rates of course and just because mom or dad stops telling them when to do those things, does not mean that they wont need help/ instructions some of the time. Growing up is scary for the child/teen and for the mom/dad. I might suggest buying them an alarm clock for waking up in the morning, it's always helped me and it's nice to wake up to your favorite radio station in the morning. Good luck!

Unfortunatly for me I have to be reminded XP and i'm plenty old enough!

I'm guessing based on my brother.....





1) 12-13

2) 14-15

3) any age

4) 15-16

5) 13-14
This is not a matter of age, is a matter of confidence and maturity of the kid and the family.

Some people believe that when their children are still living at their parent's home, even when they are adults, the parents have the right to monitor their way of life.

If this is your case, try to do your homework before being asked, to keep your bedroom clean, to take a shower, etc, until they get to trust you more.

Good luck!!!
I've learned the earlier you start teaching them the easier it gets cuz then they know where u stand and what is expected of them b4 the hit thier hormonal teenage years

:)and I think it depends on your child's personality. My child is 10 and i usually have to remind him to take a shower. Hopefully that'll change when he starts having crushes!

#2 I will do a room check once a week to make sure HE'S keeping it tidy or when i do laundry. but keeping things tidy has been his responsibility since he was about 6.

#3 I dont comment on his clothing unless they are dirty and have holes otherwise it's a losing battle because that is his style and it's not hurting anyone. Hopefully he'll just care more as he gets older!

#4 A alarm clock might help

#5Unless your kid loves to do homework I'm guessing you';ll have to remind him until he graduates!! if he /she knows you expect him to do his homework b4 anything else u probaly wont have to remind as much

anyways... thier probally is no set age, you will know when, just trust your intuition. only you know whats best for your child even though they will remind you that you don't ;)

- goodluck
The parents should remain the parents until the child is ready to leave and pay for their own rent, apartment, food, clothing, bills, etc. As long as you live in your parent's home and depend on your parents for your food, clothing, bills, etc...then you need to abide by the rules and obey your parents. The least you can show them is respect. They shouldn't have to tell you to do your homework, wake you up, tell you to take a shower or remind you to clean your room. With all that they do and provide for you, you should be able to do chores on your own without being told.

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