Friday, August 20, 2010

How to lower/deepen voice through relaxing larynx and voice voice box ?

Every morning or at least, almost every morning I wake up, I find my self having a very rich, deep sounding voice.

But as the day goes by, it goes away. The first 15 minutes at the very minimum remains deep. And it remains that away up to maximum of 2 hours. The reason it's like that in the morning is because the vocal chords are relaxed straight after I wake up therefore creating a good rich sound.

But how can I keep it that way. Do any of you's know any vocal exercise or anything that loosens and relaxes the larynx completely. And please don't say accept nature and be happy with the voice you got. Don't say that because I know I can get a deep voice. It happens almost every morning. But I don't know how to keep it that way. For everything, practise makes perfect. And I'm pretty sure, just like anything else, be it sport or job. I can train my voice to get it deeper

So can someone please give me methods on relaxing and lowering my voice.

Thanks.How to lower/deepen voice through relaxing larynx and voice voice box ?
I hear ya! I have the same problem. One thing that works really good (but, I don't recommend it) is to go out and get yourself a sore throat. That will bring out the bass notes for sure. You can also achieve that by not talking. If I'm going to record something and I need a low range for it, I purposefully don't talk until after the recording sesson. I'm a songwriter I record my own demos and often sing 5 part harmony on five seperate tracks all by myself. It also helps for those really low and really high notes to use an electronic voice correction system. There are several on the market today and you should go play with a few of them and see what they can do for you. I can even make myself sound an octave higher or an octave lower using electronic voice correction. If you're not singing and you just want that low voice for pickin up girls (works really good for that too) then the electronic voice correction won't help you. You could try yawning. That is a natural means of relaxing but, I have no experience with that lowering your voice. Never tried it for that purpose. I wouldn't do that in front of the girls either. I'm not so sure it's just a matter of relaxing the vocal chords either. I think that in my case, since I've had post nasal drip all my life that my vocal cords are coated in the morning and since they are a little thicker than normal, my voice sounds lower. But, that is just a theory, I'm not sure that is a scientific fact. You can also just think low. When I need to belt out a low sounding note, I can usually do it. It's easier to sing it than speak it though.

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