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How did you know you were in labor?

this probably seems stupid, i am on my second pg and with my first i was uncomfortable but not miserable or in alot of pain. i ended up get induced and an epidural at 3 cm. so i don't really know what its like to go into labor on your own. i know what they say wait till you can time the contractions wait till they get to 5 mins apart. i know all that but im still afraid i wont know or ill go like a thousand times. can anyone tell me what you went through and how you just ';knew'; to go to l%26amp;d. im sure im such a whimp ill go anyway but i don't want to rush if there's no need.

p.s i have been having alot of bh and even some regular contractions and alot of pressure. all different from my first pg so i just wanted to know. thanks you.How did you know you were in labor?
i just knew i didnt have any contractions or signs all day and i sat down and started getting cramping like feelings and then all of the sudden the pain was soo bad i couldnt talk right then i knew this is it.How did you know you were in labor?
I've had three kids, and all three were different. With the first I was induced. With the second, my water broke (at home thankfully!) and with my third, I had contractions for about two months. And even though some were painful, I always watched the time and checked for intensity increases which never came about. But the weird thing is, I knew the instant I had the first ';real'; contraction because it felt extremely different than the ones I'd been having. It actually woke me up around 5:30 am it was so painful. And they started like clockwork every 5 minutes and hurt more when I moved.

Just remember to relax and trust your instincts. When in doubt, call your doctor.

Best wishes!

How many waves are in a level of ';Last Stand Mode'; in Splinter Cell: Conviction?

My buddies are playing through trying to get the achievement for beatint each level on realistic mode... but they just keep going. When will it stop!? O.o lolHow many waves are in a level of ';Last Stand Mode'; in Splinter Cell: Conviction?
The waves are endless man. And personally, I would put the difficulty on Rookie if you're going for that achievement because it's hard. Really hard. I love a challenge but getting that achievement on Rookie was challenge enough.

How do I make the whole bigger?

Hi. There is a whole in the wall between me and my sister's bedroom. Sometimes when she is changing I like to look through the whole. But lately I have gotten eye strain because the whole is too small. How do I make the whole bigger without her noticing the difference?How do I make the whole bigger?
You may want to ask this question in the ';mental health section';How do I make the whole bigger?
Uh listen this a place for people who ask serious questions

I think your sis ought to tell your parents you're a perv in training

and get you some serious help. Otherwise please refrain from

wasting space and time of others who are here for an honest

bit of advice and help. GROW UP!!
It's a shame your parents couldn't read this, I'm sure they'd be very proud. As a matter of fact, why not ask them how to do this, I'm sure your dad would have a very definite answer for you.
Stick your head through it dope
Get a life and learn how to spell.
The whole what?
You are sick, get some help.
Ask your sister.

How can I get my hair to grow longer?10 points!?

Okay, so I'm African American and my hair is at the nape of my neck but my hair grows way longer in the front than in the back and I at least want to grow it just about over my chest. Now I'm straying away from getting my hair permed and alot of new growth has come so I just really need to know how to get it to grow longer. So, if I start this month and try it through August how long will my hair be then? Please leave any tips or products that you use and tell how they have worked for you! Thanks.How can I get my hair to grow longer?10 points!?
brushing your hair and massaging your scalp increases blood flow which increases growth. also i'm pretty sure you can take vitamins for your hair to make it healthier and grow longer. :]

answer please?;鈥?/a>How can I get my hair to grow longer?10 points!?
hey :)

you should have more vitamins, trim it once in a while. it should work.
I'm African American too. Well try eating alot of calcium and iorn, then try perming it with ';DR. MIRACLE'S'; perm even if you are tring to staying away from perm right now, it;s great, then a week later wash it like every other day with ';MIRACLE 7'; shampoo and conditioner, use some of that ';ion'; stuff. Hope it helped!
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  • How can I write a letter to someone I don't know with out sounding weird?

    Ok, this is a long story but it's worth it so please read it all and tell me what you think. Ten points for best answer!

    I have a friend (she's one of my best friends actually) that knows some one that is going through a tough time in life. She is adopted, had been through abuse, recently ran away, and now is in a recovery center. She goes to a Church in my area and most of my friends know her I just never met her. On her face book page (her mother made it for her to show her how many people support and love her because she is going through such a tough time) it says ';Please send Alice* your love and support to this address because she is going through a hard time and needs support.'; I really want to send her a letter because she is one of my best friend's friends. I do not know her though and I do not know what to say. Any advice?How can I write a letter to someone I don't know with out sounding weird?
    Just tell her that even through you don't know each other. That you know a friend of hers. Tell her that if she needs someone her own age to talk to, that you are there without any judgments.How can I write a letter to someone I don't know with out sounding weird?
    Just tell her what you said to us '; That she is your best friends friend, and say how she always talks about how she is going through a tough time and needs encouragement, and tell her that even though you do not know her personally you are concerned for her, and you want her to know that she is loved by many people. then tell her anything else you want to say. It is really nice of you to write to her. People love it when they know that even people they don't know love them, and care about them. It will probably mean alot! Good Luck! (:
    Like Momma Kitty said, say in her blog that you don't know her but know a friend of hers who told you about her problems. Then, say how much you're rooting for her.

    How can i get him to leave me alone?

    This guy that goes to the same university as me I barely know through a mutual friend. I get the feeling, and rumor says hes just interested in me sexually. He seems nice enough but I'm just not interested in him and feel he may be disrespectful to women anyway. I've told him no to ';hanging out'; parties and dates several times. Numerous times. But he won't leave me alone. What can I say to finally make him stop claiming he likes me, and just leave me alone?How can i get him to leave me alone?
    tell him you have herpes, and possibly aids, and if that doesnt work say you have boy parts in your southern region not girl parts as he may think

    How do I unfreeze my Apple iPod?

    My iPod froze on a particular song this morning whilst plugged into my iStation and now I can't get it to do anything at all. It won't scroll back through the menu and won't turn off.

    Does anyone know if this is a common thing with the iPod and how I can fix it?

    CheersHow do I unfreeze my Apple iPod?
    reset it .. if it has a scroll wheel, then you have to press and hold the Play/Pause and Menu buttons until the screen flashes and you see an apple logo (around 8 seconds)

    if that doesnt help, then try pressing center button (select) and Menu button for several seconds.

    its not very common, but happens. I had this happen to me twice in several years...How do I unfreeze my Apple iPod?
    good answer!

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