Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do you deal with a furious guy who is immature and won't take the situation seriously?

I need this answer today, or tomorrow, because Zach(the guy who is acting immature) is being so difficult and I can't get through to him.How do you deal with a furious guy who is immature and won't take the situation seriously?
Run for your life.How do you deal with a furious guy who is immature and won't take the situation seriously?
The best thing to do is tell him directly that he is immature and that you dont want him to talk you until he is more mature.. trust me it works.. i did that to my friend who being an immature douche.. and it worked.. a few days later, he said 'ok im more mature now'. and he stopped acting like a little kid.
my boyfriend is like that but only when it comes to serious conversations, mainly because he is trying to avoid it, when i want him to be serious i just cry then he shapes up real fast, other than that sounds like it might just be his personality.
you bring Manny Pacquiao in the conversation he talk to you %26amp; he act serious now, then tell him about his next fight %26amp; he will get even more serious.
Don't try to get to him on a mature level. Why not just ask him how he feels about the situation and then go from there. Don't try to make him out of something he is not. Good luck.
It is impossible to answer your question since you did not indicate what Zach is supposed to have done or is doing to make you feel that he is immature and is being so difficult. You also did not say what the problem was all about and why you can not get through to him or what the nature of your relationship with Zach is. I would suggest that you rewrite the story,indicate what the problem is,how Zach is acting,what you have said and done,and why you say he is furious yet say he wont take the situation seriously( which appear to be a contradiction).Then re-post it as soon as possible in order to help us give you a response by today or tomorrow.
Why are you trying to change yourself so that you can accept him the way he is without feeling angry or trying to change him because you don't like they way he acts. Either you like him as is, talk to him about his behavior or move on. Take your pick.
Forget about him. If he refuses to at least act like an adult then don't bother.
leave him
tell him how you feel, and if he can't handle being mature then he's most likely not good enough for you.
You don't state the dilemma clearly enough to answer the question correctly. What is he doing?
If he's not taking you seriously, don't take him seriously. See how he likes it. if he doesn't straighten up, Leave his ***! MORE FISH IN THE WORLD HONEY!

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