Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How does a Man feel, in general, when you give him money to help him?

I have an ex boyfriend( who is now a friend )and going through tough times financially. So I helped him recently with a small amount of cash. He has helped me to, in the past. A friend says that its never good to give any guy money, when not a loan. She says that he will think that I want something from him and will avoid me because he will think there are now strings attached. And that this will also hurt his Male ego and Pride. I say that I am only helping someone who helped me before. I can honestly say I still like and care about this Man,but I don't think we'll have any future because he is just to screwed up. Well it would be interesting to know how you guys think about taking a small amount of money from a Women. Would you do this?
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