Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to get my best friend back?

Ive been friends with my best friend since 2nd grade, we kinda separated in 4-6 grade and then we went to middle school together just me and her and became best friends again, then i moved across the city and go to a different school, and I changed and now i am realizing it a year later and we haven't talked in a long time and i really miss her and i ha vent changed much anymore, ive realized the way i was, was stupid and went back to me, and now she doesn't really wanna meet me halfway and hangout and i feel so bad for the hell i put her through by separating cause we were very good friends like inseparable and she always had her other best friend i was jealous of because i thought she liked her more and now that im gone there super good friends and im kinda out here. and ive tried talking to her all of the sudden asking her if she wants to hang out and she always makes excuses why she cant, i just miss her and want my friend back, what should i do?How to get my best friend back?
Tell her exactly what you just wrote... she'll understand.How to get my best friend back?
If youve tried everything to get ur friend back and she doesnt accept that i would move on. I had alot of friends that i knew my whole life who were mean to me at one point but i did forgive them but when college hit for them, we went our seperate ways which happens. I wish you all the luck on trying to get ur friend back and hope u do.
hun she was probably hurt about you mov'n away alot and all. she probably dosn't want to get hurt agian. try to think of the future, I know you miss her, but the future will bring you more comfert. think of this. 1st step, look forword into get'n a job, step 2 look forword to say'n to her later on ';wanna go have dinner with me? treats on me!'; if that dosn't work, keep on ask'n her if she wants to go and assist that the treats on you, I mean if you feel bad why not try to make it up to her? and don't give up all hope, there is at least a pea size hope for something to happen. ALWAYS. even for yourself to move forword so that you can recover the past.
Don't give up on her
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