Friday, August 20, 2010

How to buy used car from a different state (in US)?

I want a specific car model of a specific company from a range of years (2004 through 2006, any one is fine with me) - features and options are immaterial (I will get them updated later if they are not there). Based on this requirement, I can't find any car dealer (at least from yahoo autos) in my city/state offering me a used car of my choice. But I can find a couple of them in different states (I am from CA, I found matching cars meeting my choice and requirements and costs in NY, OH for instance).

My question is: how can I arrange to buy cars from different states? I want them to be inspected first before buying them (so I plan to have my car mechanic physically and personally inspect the car before I commit to buy). Is it possible? Are there car dealers spanning across states that can help bring cars to my city and I (and my car mechanic) inspect it and then proceed to buy it - it can also happen I don't like it and reject the deal. Who will pay for bringing the car to my city and take it back if I dont like it? How much will cost me extra?

Thanks in advance!How to buy used car from a different state (in US)?
You are looking at a lot of headaches and hassles if you want to purchase an out of State vehicle without seeing it yourself first before purchase......there are many other websites that list vehicles for sale in CA - autotrader, ebay, your local newspaper, and may want to look at those before thinking about a vehicle in some other State. If you choose to go out of the State, you will need to find some company that is trustworthy, has a guarantee of inspection ( and maybe even a $ back guarantee if the vehicle does not meet your qualifications ), and pay for the transportation of the vehicle - another expense %26amp; possible damagesHow to buy used car from a different state (in US)?
Are you high ?

Do you REALLY think someone is going to PAY to ship a car across the country and give you the opportunity to change your mind ?

Wake UP !

Find a car near you.
Very dumb idea, don't try it.
Besides the problems others mention buying out of state, cars in California maintain their appearance and reliability longer, have no rust problems (except within a few miles of the coast), etc. If you're looking at cars 4-6+ years old, California's lack of temperature and weather extremes, no salt on roads, make cars more valuable than from Northeast or Midwest. When you're ready to buy, run CARFAX to make sure car has spent its life in CA. Smart people from elsewhere come TO California or Southwest to buy our premium used cars and take them home.

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