Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to get a raise through a temp agency?

I am a college student who worked for a temp agency for about 2 years. During those 2 years I worked at the same place through them. All the temp agency did was give me my paycheck every week. I moved away for college and now I am back and going to work through the temp agency for the place I did before until a position opens up and I can apply. I asked for a raise from the temp agency, and they refused it. I'm bearly making minimum wage and I work harder than any of the employees that make $11.00/hr. It's upsetting. I have been at the temp agency for over 2 years... not continuous... but they know I do a very good job at my job. How can I get a raise out of them?How to get a raise through a temp agency?
I doubt your salary as a temp. agency employee will ever increase - it is not a mandate. for this type of business. You seem very qualified and your previous work experience would look good on a CV - Don't wait for the firm you're working for through the agency to have an ';opening';. When is this going to happen? It seems whenever they need an extra they contact the temp. agency - which for them, I suppose - is cost effective. Send out your CV to multiple businesses. Good luck

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