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How did your toddler transition to sleeping without a diaper?

My 2 1/2 year old daughter has been potty trained during waking hours for several weeks now, but I always put a pad under her for nap time and in the car (in case she falls asleep). And she still wears a night diaper as well.

Occasionally she wakes up dry after her naps. And in the last few days, she has emphatically removed any pad that I tried to put down for nap or in the car. Since she is insistent that she doesn't need/want the pad, I have decided to follow her lead on this - but I braced myself for a mess to clean up. To my surprise, she has consistently awakened dry for the past few days.

Did your toddler transition themselves to 'no diaper/pad' for naps? Or did you do anything to aid in that transition? How soon after did your toddler also stay dry through the night? And was that also a natural transition or did you do anything to prompt it?How did your toddler transition to sleeping without a diaper?
My older son didn't take naps by the time he was potty trained (he gave up naps at 11 months old and was day time potty trained by 12 months old).

I started putting my older son in underwear to sleep when he woke up dry for an entire month straight. He really wanted to wear underwear to bed starting a few days before that but i told him not til he kept himself dry during the night for at least a month, and so i think it was both of us who did the transition, he wanted it and i made sure we'd be more likely to suceed by waiting til he was dry for a long time. And he's only had an accident at night, 1 time and it was when he was sick. He is now nearly 23 months old (will be on May 3rd).

Hope this helps, :DHow did your toddler transition to sleeping without a diaper?
We waited until they were consistently waking up with dry pull-ups (training diapers). For the kids I cared for, they were both nearly four when this happened. Of course, we did our best to facilitate their progress by making sure they used the toilet before going to bed, but the kids were pretty resistant to letting go of the pull-ups, and no attention was given to their potty needs before I arrived at 8:00 AM, so it just took longer. (Some kids pee in the morning, not wanting to get out of bed, rather than actually peeing in their sleep.)

Your daughter is doing great by the sound of it. If she likes wearing her big-girl panties, and is staying dry, that's perfect. Just make sure you use a waterproof cover for her mattress. You were probably doing this to protect from diaper leaks before potty training started, though.
Once my daughter started potty training I never put a diaper back on her - for sleep AND going out she was in panties. She had 1 acccident at night , no biggie just washed the bedding. At first I made sure she peed before we left the house and before nap/bed time. She did well and didnt need protection just in case. MY daughter decided it was time to use the potty at 20 months and from that day and night foward she was potty trained. If your daughter is waking consistantly dry let her be! Just ask her to go to the potty before she sleeps and she should be ok. Oh and in the beginning I limited her water intake like 2 hours before bed, I still kinda do but shes totally fine now.
My daughter did it herself. She didn't fully train during the days until a little after age 3 and we were careful about having a pull-up on her for naps and bedtime. We noticed that she woke up dry first for naps and then for bedtime. So we used undies at naptime. And all went well. Then we used undies at bedtime and that went fine too. It seems she knew what she was ready for. And I was shocked when about three months ago, she showed up in my room at night telling me she had to go downstairs to potty (we don't have a bathroom upstairs). So I guess she has the sense of when she has to go potty even at night. Let your daughter have a little bit of rein. It sounds like you are following her lead and continue to do so, unless of course she backslides. Then calmly retrace your steps and wait for her to be ready again. Congrats!! It is so exciting to get rid of diapers once and for all (well, with one kid anyway...we have two more in them right now!)
My daughter is now 3. I used to put a diaper on her every time she napped and at night and she would we them every night. I ran out of the pullups one night and just said ';screw it';, if she has an accident I'll just clean it up. The next morning she woke up dry! I thought it was just a fluke so I tried it again at nap time and the next few nights. She stayed dry!! Whenever I put a diaper on her at night she WILL wet it but when she wears panties she stays dry. Sounds like our kiddos are the same!
When my daughter was two she was potty trained completely. During the night I would wake her up every two hours to make her go to the restroom. It took a lot on my part and most of the time I was still sleep on the way to the restroom with her but in about 2 weeks she had it down by herself. She would automatically wake up, go to the bathroom and then come back to sleep. It also helped because her room lead into the bathroom and we kept that light on all night.

As far as the no diaper during nap, she never wet herself during the day. I just made her go to the bathroom before she went down and as soon as she got up. She only napped for an hour or maybe 1 1/2 hours. Maybe if you shorten her nap if she sleeps very long. Also my daughter would get treats like stickers or a sucker if she did not wet herself so she tried very hard to get them. Maybe that can work for you if you are not already doing it. Good luck and hope everything works out.
So she pees and poops the bed?

To get her to stop doing that, I'll suggest you do what my mom did when I pissed the bed when I was a little kid:

Whenever i did the sheets, she would make me sleep in them for a few nights, as-is, as punishment for pissing the bed.

Most people might call this abuse, but i asure you, it worked.

Sometimes you gotta be cruel to be kind.

I don't think I'll do that when I have kids though.

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