Monday, August 16, 2010

How to remove eyeliner stains from clothing?

I put a denim blue colored eyeliner in my jeans pocket, and forgot to remove it from my pocket. As a result, it went through the washing machine and made dark blue stains on almost everything it touched!!!!

Does anyone know an efficient method to remove the stains from clothing? Are there any household products I could use, instead of running to the store to buy a stain remover? If that's not possible, what brands of stain remover would remove makeup stains? Thank you!How to remove eyeliner stains from clothing?
Well we do not know what is in the make up but my guess would be an oil and some metal based color dye.

I would soak the clothes in baking soda to precipitate out the minerals but the oil needs to be removed with soap or a degreaser.How to remove eyeliner stains from clothing?
Use 91% isopropyl alcohol(next to rubbing alcohol) and pour it on the stains and scrub using cold water and dishwashing liquid. An old toothbrush helps. Might have to repeat several times.

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