Monday, August 16, 2010

How do I tell my mom I'm not happy?

My mom is trying to move over and over and I don't want to.

I keep telling her no, but she still thinks I want to only because she really wants too.

We're moving to florida soon and i do not want to.

How do I get through to her?How do I tell my mom I'm not happy?
I don't think that you're going to be able to convince your mom that you shouldn't move. Usually, parents won't listen to their children about that sort of thing. However, you should sit down with her and communicate to her, clearly, without screaming or even raising your voice, or with name calling, or anything like that, that you really don't want to move because you like living where you do. You should tell her that you don't like moving, and you're comfortable where you are, and you don't think it's fair that she uproots your life because she wants to move.

On the other hand, your mother may not even have a choice in the matter. Maybe her job has forced her to move, and she doesn't have a choice, and is only acting like she wants to move because she doesn't have a choice and wants to put the best face possible on it. Also, you should consider that you may even like this move, and it may open up your life to more possibilities and make you happier than you are now. Florida's a nice place. you may find that you like it.How do I tell my mom I'm not happy?
You tell her: ';NagNamnit Mom!; Stop controlling my life you old Blue haired Bitty!';, jk,... don't do that, respect your Mom.

It really depends on your age. Obviously you are young or you would've already learned how to communicate with her.

Based on this, you really just need to go. Your mother is wiser than you think.

Florida is cool just go; your likely to have better opportunities there anyway.
you've moved nine times in your life. you are tired of the new schools and new friends.this is not good dear .life is to short o live and explore things.if you really have a chance to move in the world .go and enjoy.making new friends is this way you can understand the nature of different like a bird not like a tree.understand your mom and go move with her.try to understand your mom's problems.make new friends and class fellows .OK best of luck.

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