Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm worried for my friend how can i get through to him?

basically i have this mate who i grew up with since we were 11(18 now) we don't chill as much as we used to but are really loyal and close to each other like we'd help each other through anything. there's this new drug in the uk that has recently been made illegal nobody really knows how much one can take before you die. my mate spends every weekend and twice in the week doing this drug which would concern me but i know two people who nearly had heart attacks off it and i don't even do drugs.

I've tried to talk to him on several occasions one time we brought up the guys who nearly had heart attacks i told him mate i really don't want that to happen to you please quit it but he laughed it off and said those to guys must have been and i quote ';biffing it off like madheads'; (taking alot in a small space of time). i then decided to bring it up infront of his ';mates'; that he did it with at the pub to show i wouldn't back down on how dangerous i thought it was but he just sort of looked sheepish and one of his d1ckh3ad mates changed the subject. then i gave him a lift somewhere and it was just me and him so i told him straight if he doesn't stop doing it he will die. he sort of said ok then did it the next night. he's kinda macho so it's hard to get him emotional about it and i am really lost at how to get through to him,

I don't know how to get through to him i thought we could talk anything through like we used to does anyone have ANY suggestions i'm really concerned for him mental and physical health and to an extent his life.I'm worried for my friend how can i get through to him?
Try an Intervention.Contact a therapist or psychologist and have them mediate.

P.S. Please don't leave anymore rude answers under my questions.

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