Monday, August 16, 2010

How will Obama push Amnesty for Ilegal Aliens through the House and Senate?

Amnesty for Illegal Aliens is high priority for the Obama administration in order to give the the Illegals the vote, and thus retain control of the House and Senate.How will Obama push Amnesty for Ilegal Aliens through the House and Senate?
He'll pass it with the support of Republicans. Polls show that the majority of them support Immigration Reform.

YES, It's Immigration Reform, not Amnesty! This bill has a lot of stuff in it, and one very important one is increase in border security. But some people don't want mention anything but the path to citizenship.鈥?/a>

Poll: Majority of Republicans support 'amnesty'鈥?/a>

Luis Gutierrez Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill Summary

Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security and Prosperity (CIR ASAP) Act of 2009

TITLE I - BORDER SECURITY, DETENTION, AND ENFORCEMENTHow will Obama push Amnesty for Ilegal Aliens through the House and Senate?
It's called ';Comprehensive Immigration Reform';. I'm sure it will boil down to something like ';If you've been here X years (or months or weeks or days), simply fill out this paperwork (in Spanish or Vietnamese or whatever) and you will be granted citizenship.'; I doubt they will have to pay all the back-taxes they owe while the evil White man was footing the bill for their medical expenses, housing, and childrens' education. And pay no attention to all the libs who will say ';this bill contains stronger border laws!'; because this country has had strong border laws for many many years and they have NOT been enforced, as our ';leaders'; have no intention of enforcing them. What makes these people think that the government will enforce new laws when they have a long history of ignoring the existing laws? The laws we have are good, why make new ones? Oh, probably so they can say things like ';this bill has tighter border laws'; to try to trick people into voting for it.
I dont see how its fair to people who have come to this country the legal way, who had to earn their citizenship status like my fathers family did, to have to set back and watch people just walk into this country and be able to vote and take advantage of our system and benefits. It's a slap in their faces. Obama and his liberal followers have no problem giving away what they did not work for...
dream on, the president has said Immigration reform is not on his own agenda, he will support it but he is not pushing it.
dont be daft ..if he gave them all green cards tomorroew .. they could still not vote for 5 years

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