Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to ruin someone else's relationship?

I'm fifteen and going through a breakup. She dumped me for someone else. I can barely take the pain. I want to ruin her new relationship in a way that I can remain unknown though. I don't want to know if I'm doing something wrong. Believe me I already figured that out. If you aren't going to answer what I asked, don't bother leaving a response.How to ruin someone else's relationship?
Just tell her you're over it all and that you just want to be friends with her and her new boyfriend. Then come around allot when he's not there. Before long he'll get suspicious of the both of you and she'll kick him to the curb for being jealous. Then forget about her.

This conversation never happened, by the way.How to ruin someone else's relationship?
Try to be mature, and just accept that things did not work out. Life is that way sometimes. We get hurt, they get hurt. You just can't make someone return your feelings. She can't help that she does not feel the same for you, that you do for her. Time to grow up. Revenge is not always as sweet that you might think!! It usually backfires on you.
Tell her you want to be her girlfriend and ask her out on a date.
Set her new boyfriend up with a prostitute who has STDs. Stick a hidden camera in the room for evidence. Then tell her that her new boyfriend is a manwhore who has STDs, and hand her the camera tape. Before you know it, she'll dump her new boyfriend and come back to you. If you still like her, ask her out. If you don't like her anymore, just tell her 'get away from me, you ho.'
What do you think ? is it you only in world so hurt badly? No one except some mindless or heartless people are doing the things you are thinking to do so. If you love someone care for them to give is great than take consider this in life for healthy living.
Oh god there are way too many ways to do this *sets evil imagination*

You want to remain anonymous, this takes out some of the fun ones

1. Get her phone (Don't ask me how, girls leave their phones lying around), text her new boyfriend something like ';Hey hottie, let's try to meet sometime when my new boyfriend can't find us';

Then, text him saying ';OMG WRONG PERSON, PLEASE DISREGARD THAT TEXT IT MEANT NOTHING!'; (You can wait for him to text back before sending this, unless you're in a hurry)

Be sure to delete said texts

2. Leave notes in her locker pretending to be her secret BF

If boyfriend walks this girl to the locker, he will see the notes

Make sure to do it in different handwriting (or typed)

3. Send an anonymous email to him saying that you are going out with the girl, and you wanted to fess up to him (just make a random email lol). Though this has no proof, it will cause distrust

4. Sabotage a date with the 2. Not sure how, get creative

5. Send her an anonymous text message (just make an AIM and use the AIM texting thing) WHILE she's with her BF. If the BF sees them, /win

Let's try and think of some more

If you don't wana be anonymous, go straight up to the new BF, and say that she left you like the snap of a finger, and she could do the same to him.

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