Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How do I get through these awful cramps?

I took a tylenol and it didn't do much. My mom says I shouldn't take advil because I'm getting over the flu and I had diarrhea, so my stomach is still kind of delicate, and she says advil might upset my stomach? Some one told me drinking hot tea would help but drinking regular water tends to make them worse so I'm not sure. I already have a heating pad. please help!How do I get through these awful cramps?
Try soaking in a hot tub. This will also relieve the rest of your muscles so the cramps won't feel as strong. You're also holding back because you expect the pain which can make it worse. Eat a lite meal and drink something warm.(tea, hot choc.or soup) Try midol or ibuprofen to help.If you are old enough add a shot of liquor to your warm drink and this will relax you. A heating pad or hot water bottle is a good idea too.How do I get through these awful cramps?
keep the heating pad on, and hot tea would be to relax you, making your muscles less tense, and in turn making your cramps less intense.
I always have horrible cramps. I usually take ibuprofen or mydol, but if that's not enough, I try drink something warm and watch TV or read a book to get my mind off of it. Sometimes I just take a nap if they're too intense.
distract your self or take painkiller. watch tv, bake, make a smoothie
take a hot shower it seems it help sometimes
Try a Midol or a Pamprin. Pain killers geared to tackle menstrual pains work way better than normal ones. If that doesn't help and it's seriously hurting you may want to consider going on a birth control or something.
Naproxen is the best because it has an anti- inflammatory in it.

You only took 1 tylenol? Try 2. Or 3. Can't hurt you.
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