Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to get skype on a droid phone?

I have an iPhone and my boyfriend has a Droid Eris. We want to talk through skype on our phones so our 8 hour conversations don't leave us with massive phone bills. I've managed to do it just fine on my iPhone, but my boyfriend is a bit technologically retarded. A very thorough, step by step explanation would be great! Please dumb it down as much as possible lol.

5 stars for best answer.How to get skype on a droid phone?
Skype isn't available for all Android phones. I hear it's available for Verizon phones, but it's not a full VOIP app.How to get skype on a droid phone?
Skype is definitely available for all Verizon Android phones. Just search for Skype in the Market, or under categories, go to the Verizon apps- it'll be in there

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