Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to get more island cash on treasure isle?

i have 7 island cash and need to get to 8 to buy the orange gems to get through but i cant dig around because that part of the island is done so i cant think of any other way to get that orange gem to get tru to the little island next to it !:( ideas?How to get more island cash on treasure isle?
You start off with some, but once you use that you can either click the 'Add coins and cash' button to buy some or while you're digging you find some once in a while.

Hope this helpsHow to get more island cash on treasure isle?
you can get from digging if you lucky, and also try to asked your friends for mystery gift on free gift tab because you can get island cash from there :D i got one

for the orange gem you can buy it on the store..or asked your friends, post it on the wall and hope that your friends can send it for you or the last way is to look for orange gems on the news feed

because sometimes if your friends find a gem in treasure box then they can share that gem :)

here's how you filter treasure isle news feed :鈥?/a>

i hope this help you :D

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