Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How do I get through a school day?

I just hate going to school so much, is there anything you do to make it better? Also I don't believe in the education system so much, so it's hard to do something so much if you don't think it's important. I know education's important, because the big guys upstairs look for it, and medical school is neccassary, heart surgry isn't just something you can do successfully, but anyways... how do/did you get through the school days?How do I get through a school day?
Good friends, honestly. School is hard when you're going through it, and it's easy to question why the hell you have to learn this stuff. But I can guarantee you, almost without fail, ten years later, everyone looks back and goes ';Ohhhh, THAT'S why they were trying to teach me that.';

So maybe understanding the WHY will help you:

It all has real world applications. You might not see it yet, but eventually you will. Physics and math? Everything from gourmet cooking to investing and doing your taxes. History? If you ever want to travel and understand the local cultures and customs, you'd damned better know where they came from. English? Employers and other professionals will immediately judge you on the quality of your writing: it is a ready indicator of your level of intelligence. Foreign language? Trust me, when you travel to Europe and find everyone THERE speaks English fluently, among at least two other languages, the guilt alone will make you wish you paid more attention.

There's more, but hopefully you're starting to get the point.How do I get through a school day?
No one likes school or going to work, but its just one of those things we all have to do. Please don't consider leaving school, as you said, education is really important, and it is only for a few years.

The more you put into something, the more you get out of it. If you force yourself to focus in lessons, you will more than likely become interested in the subject you are learning about, and will achieve great results.

Do you have any friends at school? I always got through my days by chatting to my friends at breaktime.
I used to grin and bear it pretty much. Choose subjects that you have an interest in and try to pay attention from the start of class because its harder to pick up from the middle of class.
Yeah i know school sucks a lot. I make the most of my school day just thinking about going home. I usually find interesting or amusing ways to entertain myself when im at school or in class.
I am 14 and I agree completely. Right now I am suspended from school because I skipped classes %26gt;_%26gt;
You suck it up and get it done or you change career paths.
i dont listen in class.

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