Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to remotely turn off a networked computer?

i use my xp pro laptop wireless running through a belkin router i want to be able to remotely turn of my xp pro bedroom pc

i use wol to wake it up just need to turn it off id rather not use remote desktop ..what are the steps needed to do this?How to remotely turn off a networked computer?
THere is a set of free command line tools called PStools which includes PSShutdown.鈥?/a>

If you do not like working with a command line and prefer to use a gui based tool then try DShutdown which you can get here:

You could also use the Remote Desktop Client, which you should find under in your Accessories folder to connect the remote machine and shut it down.How to remotely turn off a networked computer?
what you really need to do is this:

Get Twitter.

Download ';Tweetmypc';

Login to twitter on Tweet my pc.

On your phone send a text to your twitter saying:Shutdown

and a dialouge box will popup on your screen saying shuting: 1 minute, 59, 58, 57 etc...

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There are many ways.. possibly the easiest way is through a graphical program that comes with windows.

Press Start -%26gt; Run and type ';shutdown -i'; (without quotes). This will pop up a dialog asking which computer you want to shut down. Click Add and type the network name of the computer you wish to shut down. You can also restart and logoff from here.

Another way is to use a freeware program called RCLogon. Same idea as the windows program above just with a few extra features like login.
This is possible but not by default, you have to change the security policy on the computer you want to remotely shutdown.

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