Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to get my Girl Friend on birth control?

k so me and my girl friend are very addicted to sex with each other. we have it a lot and i want to get her on birth control. but the problem is that here parents go through all of her stuff so idk how she could hid it. any ideas? and how can i convince her its right??How to get my Girl Friend on birth control?
Well, if her parents find out shes having sex then they'd want her to be on birth control so maybe it's not such a bad idea for them to know. If she's that upset about them knowing then she should contact the closest planned parenthood, and talk to them about her birth control options.How to get my Girl Friend on birth control?
My first question for you is man do your parents go through your stuff? if no then why don't you keep the birth control puills with you you guys proably see each other everyday she can just come get it from you when she sees you. As to con vincing her to take it use the old '; We both have big plans for our future and i woukld hate for those to be ruined by children'; or atleast somthing tothat effect. try it tell me how it works out hope you two have a long relationship.
How old is she? if she is having THAT MUCH sex with you, she needs to be on birth control. even if you use condoms those aren't 100% effeftive. Yo could keep it at your house and when she comes over then she can take the pill. Does her parents know shes having sex, if they do then i think they would want her on the pill for safety reasons.
I agree if she is old enough to have that much sex she is old enough to be on BC. Its wrong to lie but if her parents are too strict and she is old enough and I am praying at least 18 then keep it with you its better to be safe than have unplanned unwanted pregnancy.
Well, if she's not ready to have kids yet that would probably be a very good reason to get on birthcontrol. Most people put their pills, condoms, etc. In their purse... I hope that they wouldn't go through her purse. I had a friend put her pills under her mattress.
Maybe you could keep the birth control at your house for her.
Keep them in her purse in some sort of candy packaging or get a vasectomy

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